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general nurse

Job Title:  Registered Nurse
Responsible to: Nurse Manager
Location:  As per contract
Hours of work:  As per contract
Salary:  As per contract


A registered nurse or RN provides direct care to patients within the unit to which she/he assigned. She/he works under the supervision of a nurse manager and is required to follow the plans that have been charted out for each patient. As a registered nurse, you might be asked to develop a plan of care after assessing patients’ conditions and consulting with their primary care doctors.

  • To contribute to the delivery of high quality nursing care to patients and carers.
  • To be an active member of the multidisciplinary care team.
  • To act as team leader and take charge of the ward in the absence of the Ward Manager.
  • To provide relief nursing cover for Treatment Room, Minor Injuries Unit and Day Hospital.

To work as a registered nurse, you will need to have your Pin number and it’s has to be up to date and you have to give value of patient confidentiality. Since you will be working with patients directly, you will also need to be well-versed in handling hospital equipment such as blood pressure monitors, sugar strips and ECG machines.



  • Monitor, record, and report symptoms or changes in patients’ conditions.
  • Maintain accurate, detailed reports and records.
  • Record patients’ medical information and vital signs.
  • Order, interpret, and evaluate diagnostic tests to identify and assess patient’s condition.
  • Modify patient treatment plans as indicated by patients’ responses and conditions.
  • Direct or supervise less-skilled nursing or healthcare personnel or supervise a particular unit.
  • Consult and coordinate with healthcare team members to assess, plan, implement, or evaluate patient care plans.
  • Monitor all aspects of patient care, including diet and physical activity.
  • Instruct individuals, families, or other groups on topics such as health education, disease prevention, or childbirth and develop health improvement programs.


  • Current RN License recognized by NMC.
  • Knowledge of nursing care in accordance with regulations and practices established by NMC.
  • Consistent demonstration of a team approach to care.
  • Ability to effectively communicate both in writing and orally.


  • Experience in Health Centres
  • Computer literate

Community Psychiatric Nurse

Job Title:  Community Psychiatric Nurse
Responsible to:  Practice Manager
Location:  As per contract
Hours of work:  As per contract
Salary:  As per contract


Provide specific high quality and comprehensive psychiatric nursing interventions to allocated service users and their relatives/carers.


This job description is intended to provide an outline of the key tasks and responsibilities only. There may be other duties required of the post holder commensurate with the position. The responsibilities may be amended, after discussion with the post holder, to take into account the development of both the post and the practice. All members of staff should be prepared to take on additional duties or relinquish existing duties in order to maintain the effective running of the practice.



  • To liaise with General Practitioners to develop and maintain multi-disciplinary and multi-agency working
  • To assess care needs, develop, implement and evaluate programmes of care
  • To develop a register of Patients which are Mild Moderate and Severe and to keep up to date with New Patients joining the Practice list
  • To participate in redesign of service so that patients can be reviewed by CPN safely rather than by a GP and have a review on a yearly basis with GP if required
  • To review patients with Mental Health issues on a regular basis at the clinics.
  • To look at their prescribing and also review their PHQ9 forms.
  • To look at GP targets in area of Mental Health


  • Maintain high standards of care, working with service users to ensure their individuality and dignity is maintained at all times, while promoting independence
  • Ensure that each patient in his/her care receives an individual assessment and regularly updated care plan which is formulated with the service user
  • Ensure that information regarding the service user’s needs and progress are communicated promptly and accurately to other people involved in their care, having due regard for confidentiality
  • Use a Behavioural Family Therapy approach to care for service users where appropriate
  • Ensure that the requirements of the Mental Health Act 1983 and Mental Capacity Act 2005 are met and that service user’s rights under the Acts are upheld
  • Facilitate open and harmonious communication amongst staff within the team, as well as other teams and agencies, with the aim of promoting multi-disciplinary approaches to care
  • Work as CPA Care Co-ordinator to service users where required
  • Provide information and support for service users and families
  • Liaise closely with other statutory and voluntary agencies where required


  • Assist with the education of learners of all professions both formally and informally
  • Wherever appropriate, assist in health promotion initiatives
  • Assist with formal and informal educational activities for users and carers


  • Maintain an up to date knowledge of the Departmental Policies and Procedures and apply them as necessary
  • Particular attention is drawn to the post-holders’ personal responsibility for the maintenance of patient confidentiality and adherence to local Health and Safety Policies
  • Liaise with the Community Mental Health Team
  • Utilise all available resources efficiently and effectively
  • Maintain up to date nursing records on the IT system using EMIS templates to record contacts
  • Provide statistical information as required – part of the formation of Registers
  • To assist with the setting, monitoring and evaluation of standards
  • Encourage positive mental health in consumers of the service
  • Giving of extensive psychiatric nursing intervention and psychological care and advice


  • To identify any risks involved in work activities and report them to the Practice Manager
  • To adhere to all client policies and procedures at all times
  • To use computers safely and appropriately
  • To report any breaches of policies and procedures to the Community Services Manager immediately


  • Participate in staff development reviews as required
  • Keep up to date with professional nursing issues and developments in Mental Health
  • Maintain practice development, both research and evidence based
  • Assist in identifying personal training needs and participate in appropriate training programme to meet these
  • Participate in the process of clinical and managerial supervision with the nominated supervisor on a regular basis
  • To practice within the NMC Code of Practice
  • To be conversant with and practice within the Mental Health Act 1983 and the Mental Capacity Act 2005 and their Codes of Practice
  • Participate in self and Trust Development plans
  • Be prepared to attend in service training and other appropriate course.


  • To report any complaints, significant events or breaches that occur to the Community Services
  • Personal Development
  • To take responsibility for own developmental learning and performance.
  • To participate in DMC appraisal scheme.
  • To actively participate in ongoing one to one meetings with line manager to review development and performance.
  • To attend educational and other meetings as required.
  • To undertake training as required including mandatory and statutory training, core skills training and ongoing developmental training.
  • Assess own learning needs and undertake learning as required.
  • To take responsibility for maintaining a record of own personal development.
  • To asses own performance and take accountability for own actions, either directly or under supervision.
  • To contribute to the effectiveness of the provisions of services.
  • To effectively manage own time, workload and resources.
  • To perform to the best of your ability.

paediatric nurse

Job Title:  Nurse Specialist (GP Practice)
Responsible to:  Advanced Nurse Practitioner (ANP)
Location:  As per contract
Hours of work  As per contract
Salary:  As per contract


This position description has been designed to indicate the general nature and level of work performed by employees within this classification. It is not designed to contain or be interpreted as a comprehensive inventory of all duties, responsibilities and qualifications which may be required of the employee assigned to the position. Depending on the size of the facility the job duties may vary. Receipt of the job description does not imply nor create a promise of employment, nor an employment contract of any kind; my employment with the Company is at-will.


Paediatric Nurses provide direct and individualised nursing care to patients based on the application of scientific nursing principles. Responsibilities of a Paediatric Nurse vary widely based on the type of setting, but basic duties include (but are not limited to):

  • Provides age and culturally appropriate care to patient
  • Consults and coordinates with health care team members to assess, plan, implement and evaluate patient care plans
  • Helps patients to be comfortable and cooperative with examinations/procedures
  • Measures patient’s vital signs, such as blood pressure, breathing and heart rate, and initiates corrective action whenever the patient displays adverse symptomatology
  • Performs physical, medical and diagnostic tests
  • Collects samples of patient’s urine and stools for laboratory tests
  • Prepares and administers and records prescribed medications.
  • Reports adverse reactions to medications or treatments
  • Assists treating physician during examination, treatment and procedures
  • Provides education, information and support to the patient’s family
  • Records all care information concisely, accurately and completely, in a timely manner, in the appropriate format and on the appropriate forms
  • Performs other position-related duties as assigned, depending on assignment setting


  • Float among various clinical services, where qualified and competent
  • Completes required orientation as directed by facility
  • Follows facility and OSHA safety rules and procedures while on assignment
  • Follows facility and GHR Unusual Occurrence Protocol
  • Respects cultural and religious practices of patients
  • Upholds HIPAA regulations
  • Punctual and dependent for assigned/confirmed shifts


  • Graduate of an accredited nursing program
  • Current nursing license, in good standing with the State licensing board
  • Minimum of one (1) year Med/Surge experience
  • Federal-, State- and GHR-required credentials current and on file
  • Cognitive skills as related to the position


Because patients need round-the-clock care, working hours include days, nights, weekends and holidays. The number of patients assigned per shift will vary with facility, however, in most settings, the caseload is heavy and the environment is fast-paced. Nurses spend considerable time walking, bending, stretching and standing; they assist in patient transfers, so to guard against back injury, they must follow proper body mechanics and procedures for lifting/moving patients. Nurses may face hazards from exposure to chemicals and infectious diseases.


  • Ability to lift twenty (20) pounds. Moving, lifting or transferring of up to fifty (50) pounds
  • Ability to stand for extended periods
  • Fine motor skills
  • Visual acuity

Health Care Assistant

Job Title:  Health Care Assistant (HCA)
Responsible to:  Practice Manager / Clinical Manager (Clinical Matters)
Location:  As per contract
Hours of work:  As per contract
Salary:  As per contract


The purpose of the role is to assist the clinical team in the service and delivery of the care management of the practice population.  The post holder works under indirect supervision of the clinical team and undertakes task and duties delegated by the clinical team or a suitably qualified regulated professional. They will work collaboratively with the general practice team to meet the needs of patients, following policy and procedures while providing supervision to more junior staff.



  • Communicate effectively with other team members
  • Communicate effectively with patients and carers, recognising their needs for alternative methods of communication


  • Take responsibility for own developmental learning and performance, including participating in supervision
  • Take responsibility for maintaining a record of own personal development
  • Work with management on any new training requirements
  • To recognise and understand the roles and responsibilities of individuals working in the primary health care team
  • Be aware of the legal issues pertinent to the role of a basic HCA (band 2)


  • Use the personal security systems within the workplace according to practice guidelines
  • Identify the risks involved in work activities and undertake them in a way that manages the risks
  • Use appropriate infection control procedures and maintain work areas in each clinical room so that they are clean, safe and free from hazards reporting of any potential risks identified, including:
  1. hand washing
  2. universal hygiene procedures
  3. collection and handling of laboratory specimens
  4. segregation and disposal of waste materials
  5. decontamination of instruments and clinical equipment
  6. reporting and treatment of sharps injuries
  7. dealing with blood and body fluid spillages
  8. Assist patients and colleagues in adopting sound infection control measures
  • Understand and apply the principles of the cold chain
  • Ensure safe storage, rotation and disposal of vaccines and drugs within area of responsibility
  • Know the general principles of first aid and resuscitation to be able to undertake initial actions as appropriate
  • Be aware of statutory child health procedures and statutory local guidance and referral criteria
  • Know the health and safety policies and procedures within the workplace, including fire procedures, maintaining documentation, monitoring and maintaining of equipment and furniture within your area of responsibility
  • Use the computer monitor safely
  • Be able to identify the risks to health of microbiological and chemical hazards within the working environment according to the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health


  • Be aware of and, if appropriate, assist in current clinical audit
  • Work with colleagues in the team on the development of current and new services and other initiatives
  • Maintain the notice board in the waiting room and promote good health with educational material
  • Deal with requests from patients and clinical staff for health information leaflets


  • Alert other team members to issues of quality and risk in the care of patients
  • Ensure own actions are consistent with clinical governance systems
  • Practice in accordance with agreed standards of care
  • Enable patients to access appropriate professionals in the team
  • Ensure stock items under your control are ordered and available in the treatment and consulting rooms
  • Know how clinical governance affects the HCA role and bring to the attention of more senior staff any specific risk situation
  • Know the practice’s policies, especially the whistle-blowing policy, available in the practice staff handbook
  • Be able to manage your own time effectively


  • Act in ways that recognise the importance of people’s rights, interpreting them in a way that is consistent with procedures
  • Respect the privacy, dignity, needs and beliefs of patients and carers
  • Understand basic legal and communication issues regarding child abuse, family violence, vulnerable adults, substance abuse and addictive behaviour
  • Act as a chaperone


  • Undertake, record and follow guidelines for the tasks for which you have received appropriate training:
  • Urinalysis and preparation of specimens for investigation by the pathology laboratory
  • Perform new patient health checks
  • Measuring and recording following physiological measurements in routine presentations:
  1. blood pressure
  2. pulse rate and rhythm
  3. temperature
  4. height and weight – body mass index
  5. visual acuity
  6. venepuncture
  7. smoking cessation
  8. ECG
  9. Spiromtry
  • Prepare and maintain environments and equipment before, during and after patient care interventions
  • Assist in raising awareness of health and well-being, and how it can be promoted
  • Give accurate and appropriate information to patients and groups within own competence
  • Support and monitor patients during nebulisation therapy
  • Assist clinicians in minor surgery and coil fitting
  • Perform basic dressing changes according to a nursing care plan


  • Record information and activities undertaken with patients and carers in an accurate and timely fashion using manual or computer systems as appropriate
  • Maintain confidentiality or information relating to patients, relatives, staff and the practice
  • Take the necessary precautions when transmitting information
  • Complete information governance on-line tool kit

midwife nmc

Job Title:  Midwife
Responsible to:  Nurse Director
Location:  As per contract
Hours of work:  As per contract
Salary:  As per contract


A practising midwife is responsible for providing midwifery care in accordance with such standards as our client may specify from time to time to a woman and baby during the antenatal, intranasal and postnatal periods.


  • Provide sound family planning information and advice
  • To prescribe or advise on the examination s necessary for the earliest possible diagnosis of pregnancies at risk
  • To provide a programme of parenthood preparation and a complete preparation for childbirth including advice on hygiene and nutrition
  • To care and assist the mother during labour and to monitor by the appropriate clinical and technical means
  • To conduct spontaneous deliveries including when required an episiotomy and in urgent case, a breech delivery
  • To recognise the warning signs of abnormality in the mother or infant which necessitate referral to a doctor and to assist the latter where appropriate, in particular the manual removal of the placenta, possibly following a manual examination of our client
  • To examine and care for the new-born infant: to take all initiatives which are necessary in case of need and to carry out where necessary immediate resuscitation
  • To care for and monitor the progress of the mother in the postnatal period and to give all necessary advice to the mother on infant care to enable her to ensure the optimum progress of the new-born infant
  • To carry out treatment prescribed by a doctor
  • To maintain all necessary records


Hospital: working in teams and delivering care in a specialist antenatal clinic, preconception /fertility clinic, family planning clinic, ward environment, delivery suite for high risk women, labour ward theatres, Home from home unit for low risk women or neonatal unit.

Some midwives specialise in diabetes, HIV, Substance abuse, epilepsy, teenage pregnancy, etc.

Community: visiting at home pre and post-delivery, conducting antenatal clinics and home deliveries.

rgn and rmn

Job Title:  First Level Nurse (RGN/RMN)
Responsible to:  Home Manager/Deputy Home Manager
Location:  As per contract
Hours of work:  As per contract
Salary:  As per contract


To be physically involved in the nursing care of the residents and to meet all service user’s individual needs, either personally or through delegation. To take responsibility for, and effectively supervise the day to day running of the home, in the absence of the Home Manager and Deputy Manager and ensure that the care is of a high standard at all times


  • Registered General Nurse or Registered Mental Health Nurse
  • Genuine interest in working within a caring environment
  • Ability to communicate effectively at all levels.
  • Team Player
  • Willingness to participate in vocational training programmes
  • Satisfactory police check and check against the ISA list (where applicable)
  • Basic understanding of the Health and Safety at Work Act


  • Evidence of continuing professional development
  • Previous experience of working with assessment and care planning


  • To be aware of each service user’s social and medical needs.
  • To be the named nurse for a specific number of service users. To take responsibility for those care plans by assessing, implementing and evaluating each service users medical, psychological and social needs on a regular basis or as needs change as the Company Policies and Procedures indicates.
  • To store all service users care plans as Company Policy and Procedure and Data Protection Act 1998.
  • To lead and supervise a team of care assistants in carrying out their key worker roles.
  • Offer consultation and supervision to all staff on a regular basis in accordance with the Majesticare Supervision Policy and maintain appropriate records.
  • Develop staff skills in preparation for promotion or additional responsibilities.
  • To carry out staff appraisals in line with the company keyworker system
  • Ensure that the staff allocation sheet for the shift is completed in full and offers the correct skill mix to meet the needs of the residents
  • To participate in appropriate learning and practice activities that maintains and develops your competence and performance.
  • To ensure coverage of the home at all times, making the best possible use of staff resources.
  • To undertake drug rounds at prescribed times – ensuring sufficient drugs are available for following 24 hours.
  • To ensure that controlled drugs are checked by and administered by 2 appropriately trained members of staff, one of whom must be a 1st level nurse.
  • To complete medical administration records (MAR) correctly. To complete all daily drug check lists as required by the Home Manager.
  • To report and record all complaints, accidents, happenings and untoward incidents to the nurse in charge/Deputy or Home Manager as per Company Policy and Procedure.
  • To complete all appropriate monitoring records and care plans. To note any area of concern and implement a plan of care. For new residents ensure that the care plan is completed within 72 hours.
  • To design, implement and review care plans for all new service users, in accordance with company policy.
  • To promote the general physical appearance of service users at all times.
  • To assist in teaching care assistants to carry out their duties and to understand the abilities and disabilities of each service user.
  • To carry out prescribed dressings and other aspects of wound and pressure ulcer management and ensure that all service users have appropriate pressure relieving equipment.
  • To be responsible for an area of clinical competence and complete all appropriate nursing audits as requested by the Home Manager.
  • To carry out nursing procedures as necessary; which may include blood glucose estimation, blood pressure measurement, temperature measurement, urine testing, etc.
  • To record all baseline observations each month. Note any area of concern and implement a plan of care.
  • To ensure all recording charts, when in use, are kept up to date. In particular food and fluid records and other daily observations.
  • To prescribe, promote and assist in personal hygiene, mobility, toileting and continence training for all residents, in conjunction with care assistants, including the referral to specialist nurses and preparation of care plans as appropriate.
  • To provide nurse escort duties when required.
  • To manage and implement the company daily staff allocation system.
  • To deal with short-notice absences as and when required.
  • To assist in the serving of meals and feeding of residents monitoring adequate fluid and food intake
  • To help to promote a better quality of life for the residents by encouraging them to join in activities and in general conversation, with the assistance of the care staff
  • To take charge of the home in the absence of the Home Manager and the Deputy Manager.
  • To read and implement the Company Policy and Procedure on Infection Control. To have an awareness or willingness to undertake training in CQC and all regulatory requirements on Infection Control.
  • To ensure the appropriate segregation of clinical and other waste materials and ensure that they are disposed of in accordance with current legislation. CQC Guidance on Quality and Safety, NMC Guidance and Company Policy and Procedure on Infection Control.
  • To assist with any necessary regulatory requirements as detailed by the Home Manager or Deputy Home Manager including making reports to the regulators.
  • To read and promote the Company Policy and Procedure on Health and Safety in accordance with the Employee Handbook and the Health and Safety Executive.
  • To undertake any training necessary for the completion of your duties.
  • To be aware of all health and safety and fire regulations at all times and practice accordingly. To complete all Company Health and Safety and Fire Records as required.
  • To attend staff and other meetings as requested.
  • To undertake any other duties as and when required.
  • To abide by all company Policies and Procedures in accordance with the Staff Handbook and Policy and Procedure File.